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Criminal Defense, Personal Injury Law Firm in Tampa Bay Florida

Over the years, The Fletcher Law Practice has been delivering exceptional legal services across Downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach, Seminole and Treasure Island.

Our criminal defense attorney has the expertise and professionalism to manage any legal case and turn it into a winning case. Also, If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, you will have premium support from the first day you visit us.

Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Litigation In St. Petersburg And Tampa Bay

The Fletcher Law Practice is known for providing trusted and proven criminal defense and personal injury legal services across the Tampa Bay Area and St. Petersburg. When navigating the legal system you have to make sure to have the support of a well experienced attorney. Sometimes , legal fights can be overwhelming and exhausting if you do not know what to do.

Mr. Fletcher is a qualified and reputable criminal defense and personal injury attorney who will fight for you with the best strategies. No matter how complex the legal case is, Mr Fletcher knows how to handle it. He can also seek the compensation you deserve for your case.


What Our Clients Say

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Mr. Fletcher has been caring, compassionate and non-judgmental throughout my entire legal process. I trusted him with my future, career and he has been honest and kept my best interests his priority. I would have him represent me again if ever needed.

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Mr. Fletcher is an amazing attorney! His heart is what sets him aside from the rest, he listened to everything I had to say and exactly what I wanted the outcome to be for my case. He made sure I always was aware of what was going on and understood everything. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone!

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My friend called with an emergency and you helped support her through a rough situation. She said "It was so scary and she couldn't have imagined being there alone." She was so glad to have representation.
Thank you, Rick!

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Mr. Rick Fletcher is one of the absolute, amazing, caring, and considerate attorneys I've ever been in contact with! He handled my case just as of the 25th of April and got me what I needed! He is an outstanding person that takes his time to understand the situation that you are going through and I wouldn't have asked or wanted a more professional and get down to business type of attorney!! Thank you for what u did for me I'll never forget it!!!

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