DUI Charges

Every day people face DUI charges. Traffic safety is extremely important to law enforcement and agencies across Florida. Law enforcement is cracking down more than ever on drunk driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, including prescription medication, can lead to an arrest for DUI. As a result, you can face serious legal consequences with a heavy impact. For instance, even a first offense can result in fines and punishment that includes probation, jail, license suspension, and DUI school. You may receive a jail sentence of up to six months for a first offense and repeat offenders face even stiffer penalties.

An individual with their fourth or subsequent DUI offense faces a potential felony conviction and up to five years in prison. A DUI that involves serious bodily injury, or even death, can trigger certain sentence enhancements and mandatory minimum prison sentences regardless of whether you have a prior criminal record. For example, the consequence on your license for refusing to take a breath, blood, or urine test, can include a minimum 90-day revocation or even as much as an 18-month revocation if you have a prior refusal. This is what is known as the implied consent law in Florida.

You should never admit guilt or plea to any charges before consulting with an experienced DUI defense attorney.

How We Can Help Your DUI

At The Fletcher Law Practice, we will sit down with you and have you explain your side of the story. Moreover, we can begin to build a defense that presents all of the facts favorable to you. Our goal is to move or dismiss any evidence that was illegally obtained by law enforcement.

Throughout his career, Rick has successfully negotiated numerous reductions of DUI to a charge of reckless driving. In other words, Rick will do everything to make sure you only go to trial if it is absolutely necessary.

Rest assured that if a trial is necessary, Rick is an experienced trial attorney and has achieved numerous acquittals for his clients. If you are looking for a DUI attorney that will fight for you, contact The Fletcher Law Practice today for a free consultation.

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