Clients may now pay their bills electronically with a credit card or e-check.

For your convenience, we have created a portal through LawPay, which is a safe and secure credit card portal designed for lawyers, approved by the State Bar of Florida, and made available to clients so they can pay with a credit card or E-check from the comfort of their own home, office or other location.

Once payment has been made, the office will be notified and your account updated to reflect payments made on your account.


Please note that clicking this link will open a new secure window which is run by the payment processor. None of the payment information entered is saved or stored by the Fletcher Law Practice, but instead is maintained solely by the payment processor as required by applicable security laws and regulations.

The Fletcher Law Practice Now Accepts Crypto!

The Fletcher Law Practice is pleased to announce that in addition to cash, checks, and credit cards, we now accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few other select cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for our legal services from a variety of digital wallets, when possible.

Bitcoin is the world’s premier digital currency. It is decentralized, and not controlled by any government or financial institution. It is a virtual form of currency that can be used to make payments for goods and services. Bitcoin provides an easy and secure way for our clients to make a payment, and we love it because it aligns with our quest to embrace technology and innovation. Furthermore, our law firm and clients are comfortable with the transparency, quick payment process, and security process the platform offers.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin as a Payment System

  • Since there is no controlling authority in the bitcoin system, you are the sole person in charge of your money.
  • You can send and receive money at any time during the day or night.
  • There are no limitations on transferring money to any part of the world.
  • It is legal and used by millions of people to make payments.
  • There are no hidden charges or subscription fees to use bitcoin.
  • Depending on how you use bitcoin, you will either see no charges to very small fees when making payment.
  • When converting your bitcoin into a currency backed by a specific government, the fees associated with the conversion are much lower than those of credit cards, PayPal, and other digital currency platforms.
  • Bitcoin makes all completed transactions available to everyone. However, personal information remains undisclosed.
  • Because bitcoin is cryptographically secured, it cannot be breached by any individual or organization.
  • You can verify completed and pending transactions at any time since bitcoin uses blockchain technology.
  • Bitcoin displays your public address without exposing your personal information.
  • Due to the design of the system, service providers cannot charge consumers any fees without discussing it with them first.
  • There are no instances of identity theft on the bitcoin platform since everyone’s personal information is hidden.
  • Bitcoin’s back up procedure keeps your money safe at all times.
  • You do not need to provide your personal and financial details to finalize payments.
  • It is a safe network that gives users complete control over their money and transactions.

With all the benefits cryptocurrency provides to our clients, The Fletcher Law Practice has partnered with Bitpay to help process payments made with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other select cryptocurrencies from a variety of digital wallets. By partnering with Bitpay, your cryptocurrency payment is processed and deposited with The Fletcher Law Practice as US Dollars. For more information on how to make a payment with cryptocurrency, contact us today and we can walk you through the process.