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Property owners buy insurance with the expectation that the insurance company will help them through difficult times. When a disaster strikes, your insurance company is obligated to handle your claim with care, diligence, and honesty. If your insurance company denies you payment or undervalue the amount of your claim. Consequently, fail to follow the rules of the insurance policy, we can help. The Fletcher Law Practice may be able to assist you and represent your best interests. The effects of a hurricane can be devastating to homeowners and business owners alike. For instance, roof damage, wind and water damage, drywall, insulation, windows, and flooring can be devastating after a hurricane. A hurricane force can destroy one’s home, business or personal property. Resulting in heavy expense and losses.

Insurance Company Tactics

The financial burden on property owners after such a disaster is too much to take on alone. This is why your insurance company should step in. In other words, they should provide you with all financial benefits that you paid for under the terms of the insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language in the insurance policies to minimize or deny valid claims.

This tactic by the insurance company violates their statutory and contractual obligation to act in good faith during the claims process. All too often the insurance company will generate an estimate of the damage that fails to include all damage sustained. In the same vein they quote an unreasonably low price to fix the covered damage. Many property homeowners attempt to dispute the claim outcome with the insurance company on their own.

However, the homeowner often gives up after becoming completely frustrated with the process. Insurance companies will use the terms of the policy to compel you to attend examinations under oath. For example they give recorded statements to allow them to reinspect the property. Do not give up! If you believe that you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, please contact The Fletcher Law Practice today for a free consultation.

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